I started this site to help beginners as they progress through snowboarding. I love snowboarding and hit the slopes every weekend when the resorts are open. I remember my first day falling on my face repetitively, and I want to make learning how to snowboard easier for all of you and give some great tips along the way for anything snowboarding related.


I’m 23 years old and I currently live in Seattle – the Pacific Northwest. Last season I hit 32 snowboarding days, and I’m looking to surpass that this year. I taught myself how to snowboard by watching a ton of YouTube videos and even going so far as reading an instructor’s manual. Of course, there was a lot of trial by fire (or snow?) along the way.


The single biggest piece of advice that I can give anyone who is looking to progress fast is to spend more time on the snow. A close second piece of advice is if you aren’t falling, you aren’t learning. I don’t mean go bomb a hill and fall, but try new things and master those new things. Practice makes perfect.